Masterclass: Cybersecure in 30 steps - for HealthTech (Brussels) - ENG

Bluepoint, Brussels

Customers trust you with their data. This requires that you handle it with due care, in accordance with the regulations, and thus that you ensure that this data is safe with you. But at the same time, we also understand the cautious point of view: as an SME, company or institution you have so many other priorities and uncertainties, and it is often difficult to see the wood for the trees when it comes to cybersecurity . When do you do 'enough' about cybersecurity? Moreover, is the responsibility for cybersecurity a task that was given to you as a gift on top of your countless other tasks, such as managing the company's internal IT? From feedback from entrepreneurs, we've learned that many courses on cybersecurity are too theoretical for them. Therefore, we have created this no-nonsense super-practical masterclass with 30 achievable steps.