Mintlab Basement Talk on Explainable AI


We are happy to welcome Hendrik Heuer from the University of Bremen for an academic perspective on explainable AI, and Guy De Pauw from Textgain who will talk about how they approach explainable AI in practice.

Wat is het?

Users are increasingly interacting with machine learning (ML)-based curation systems. YouTube and Facebook, two of the most visited websites worldwide, utilize such systems to curate content for billions of users.

Contemporary challenges such as fake news, filter bubbles, and biased predictions make the understanding of ML-based curation systems an important and timely concern.

Despite their political, social, and cultural importance, practitioners’ framing of machine learning and users’ understanding of ML-based curation systems have not been investigated systematically. This is problematic since machine learning – as a novel programming paradigm in which a mapping between input and output is inferred from data – poses a variety of open research questions regarding users’ understanding.

Hendrik Heuer will present an in-depth investigation of ML-based curation systems as socio-technical systems. He will also provide recommendations on how ML-based curation systems can and should be explained and audited.

Voor wie?

Open for anyone interested in this topic


12 januari 2021, van 13u tot 14u


Online via Zoom




KU Leuven

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